Clients eCommerce Site

Posted on Aug 4, 2012 |

Clients eCommerce Site

The client was looking to update their existing website to utilise more technology and features than their previous website offered. The new cleaner design included rich media content to engage with visitors and lower the bounce rate. Clean large images and more detailed descriptions of products helped to ensure the site was a huge improvement over their initial eCommerce website.

The project involved working very closely with the client and communicating their design and layout ideas to the web development team. We had heavy involvement in the design aspects of the home page, category, product pages and checkout to ensure we saw more conversions from the visitors to the website.

The project incorporated the ‘Online support’ feature you see on many sites today. Visitors could interact with staff. Staff could ‘move’ visitors to the page they wanted to look at and interact with the web pages the user was viewing.

The project took 3 months to complete and involved design, analytics integration and enhanced product descriptions.