Who I Am

I have worked in Digital Marketing for the past 6 years, managing pay per click, email marketing, social networking, eBay, web design and website administration for my clients. My role has covered all aspects of these areas from strategy and planning to design and implementation. In most cases I carry out all aspects of the work, with some clients I do however work with their external agencies to co ordinate work to the clients deadlines. I manage Google PPC campaigns with monthly budgets in excess of £50k per month utilising all the current and beta Google Adwords product features. I have a very close working relationship with Google and meet regularly in their London offices to discuss their new technologies and how we can implement the beta products into our campaigns.

After leaving local government I worked in a family run business managing their IT infrastructure at all levels. My role quickly expanded into working with their PPC management company. After only 2 months the PPC management company was removed and I continued their work. The CPC was driven down drastically whilst increasing the online leads. I then expanded the PPC into Bing and Yahoo and began working with Twitter and Facebook to further increase the online visibility of the brand name.

I have extensive experience in IT where I worked as a Senior IT Manager for local government for 7 years. My roles involved managing the IT support staff, planning upgrades, staff training, website and intranet design. My roles were diverse and included managing a £1 million budget for IT hardware and 3rd party contractors, staff appraisals and staff interviews. I reported at director level on the planned maintenance and upgrades and building work to the various sites IT infrastructure. Due to my position and experience with varying technologies I also worked with senior management throughout the council to implement the government run Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative.

Before starting in IT I worked for Magnet & Southern a kitchen and joinery manufacturer. My roles changed dramatically as I was promoted through the various roles in the company to become trade manager at one of their flagship stores. I worked in a variety of branches growing trade sales and customer base along with supporting and training staff in CAD design and systems training. I was responsible for setting and achieving sales targets and reporting back to regional management. As one of the top 10 salesmen within the country I spent a lot of time in the Keighley offices meeting with directors and other senior management to decide upon new products to grow the trade business.

After 4 years I left Magnet and was brought into Howdens Joinery to help grow the business. We were not allowed to participate in any formal advertising and had to grow the branch from cold calling and rigorous account management. When I left Howdens in Leyton after finding the store location and starting the store they were turning over £1m per month.