What I Do

My role is to work closely with my clients, speaking with managers and business owners to identify the areas they want to grow within their business and create a sustainable solution. We look at their customers and how they interact with various channels to decide the most effective strategy.

The small group of customers I work with are national UK companies with annual turnovers of up to £15m a year. I manage all aspects of their digital marketing, IT, telephony, direct mailing, newspaper ad design, offers and competitions and the analytical reporting for each channel.

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the most cost effective methods used to increase sales or leads for clients. I work closely with Google and often test their beta products giving clients an early insight into new Google products and features. Clients campaigns can span dozens of campaigns and hundreds of ad groups and adverts.

My clients have been trading for many years and have large customer contact database, we utilise their existing customer data and create innovative email marketing campaigns to interact with their customers and grow sales. The clients offer high value products and through the email marketing campaigns we have seen an increase in repeat business from their existing customers.

The clients use varying sizes of brochures and designs to promote their products. I work closely with clients to create either a draft design which is passed to their agency or continue refining the design and layout until the client is happy with the finished work. I have a good working knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator to help clients with their graphic design needs.

The brochures we create are also used in direct mail campaigns where we partner with suitable companies offering a product which our customer base are also interested in. We then agree rates to have our brochure distributed with their publications as an insert. The ROI is measured in various ways to ensure that the publications that do not give the ROI needed are not used again. The publications that proved successful we continue to work with whilst looking at ways to improve the conversions and ROI.

ROI is key in the implementation of a successful digital marketing campaign, we use a wide variety of technology to provide analytical reporting back to clients. Crucial to ongoing development is regular meetings to discuss the performance for the various channels and look for new opportunities and new channels to improve and increase sales.

With my strong background in IT I also find myself called upon to provide a wide range of IT consultancy, this ranges from IT infrastructure and business relocation,  hardware procurement, interviewing staff, resolving server and desktop issues, in fact anything they need to keep their business running and growing.