Posts made in June, 2014

It is not often that I have needed to call upon my local police force, Essex Police. I called 999 at around 19:00 on 10th June to report that a large group of over 20 youths aged 15 to 18 were at my front door making threats. I explained that my son had already been assaulted and that I had prevented a further attack, and that now a large group were making threats at our home. The Essex Police operator said that this was a priority...

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Google Panda 4.0 what’s it all about?

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 in Blog |

The Google Panda 4.0 update is all about unique, high quality content and back links. In order to best tackle the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking of your website you need to formulate a content marketing plan. Some questions we need to ask ourselves. Why are we creating content? Who are we trying to reach? What benefit does our target audience receive? What benefit do we get from the content? After reviewing our SERP...

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