Tech Disruption

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Tech Disruption

Tech Disruption


Tech Disruption was a new term I heard on the Squared Online course this week.

I should go for a quick recovery and say that I knew of the theory I just didn’t know there was a name for it. Tech Disruption, there I know what it is now!

I spend time looking at various data sources and trying to look at products and services through the eyes of the target consumer for my clients.  Get an idea of where these people meet and engage and how this may change as emerging technology turns the marketing industry on its head. Now I know I can label it easily as Tech Disruption research!

I find tech disruption (rinsing it now I know what it’s called!) a fascinating subject. Looking at what people do how they do it and what influences the trend changes.

The recent disaster to hit Japan with earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown left their infrastructure in disarray. Businesses and people were left without power, telephones and all the ‘traditional’ infrastructure we have come to rely on in daily life.

Everyone in Japan adapted quickly using the Internet and other means to carry on until services could be restored.

During the recovery of their infrastructure they have looked closely at their IT and decided to move it to cloud based solutions. Data is available in the event of major disaster giving them the resilience they need (unless Amazon has problems with their EBS (Elastic Block Store) again).

Is this tech disruption?


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As a result of huge a natural disruption to Japans tech and infrastructure they are left evaluating how they can avoid the same disruption again.

I think we are amidst a huge tech disruption right now. Mobile and smart phones are a part of our daily life, we pick them up and carry them around with us. We personalise them with covers and bling but what will happen when smart watches, wearable devices whatever you want to call them are released? Will this just be a fad or will technology embed itself even further into our daily lives?

OK my dad turns his mobile on only when he wants to use it yet my teenage kids have them surgically attached at all times. The eldest two have a mix of devices, my son has an iPhone, iPod, Mac mini and iPad, my eldest daughter uses a Blackberry mobile and HP laptop, the youngest uses a Nexus, desktop PC and a rubbish phone as he loses them a lot. A broad mix of devices and they use them for a wide variety of things, from arranging parties and nights out to finding out how to pass a troublesome part of an Xbox game.

I am eager to see the MASSIVE changes to the mobile marketing and mcommerce industries when people are not only carrying their connected tech they are wearing it!

Google and the other PPC platforms are working hard find new ways to to market to mobile devices. I recently had a conversation with Google and they are using new methods to target mobile devices with ads.

Only time will tell if wearable tech like the iWatch and Google Glass will be embraced by the masses! If it does what impact will this new digital ecosystem have on existing digital marketing?