Digital Marketing Jargon Explained

Posted on Sep 3, 2013 in Blog |

The technical jargon and acronyms surrounding digital marketing can be confusing for some of us. In order to demystify things I have tried to give an easy to understand explanation.

Click the arrow to open the jargon you are interested in learning more about. I will continue to add to the Jargon so be sure to check back!

Pay Per Click or PPC

Pay Per Click is an advertising platform based on bidding for keywords.

For each search query there is an auction, the highest bid and best quality score ad gets the highest ad placement and the more daily budget you have the longer your ads will keep showing.

It is very important that the correct mix of keywords, long tail keywords and negative keywords are found specific to your products or services.

Failure to use the correct keywords or negative keywords will cost you lots of money with little or no results.


A Campaign represents a specific marketing program that contains ad groups, keywords and advertisements.

Enhancements within Google AdWords means that you can also now add a wide range of ad extensions to your campaigns.

Ad Group

An Ad Group can be found within a campaign.

Ad Groups are used to refine the structure of your advertising. Within each Ad Group you will find keywords and advertisements.

Best practice is to keep to under 20 keywords and create at least 2 ads per ad group to test your ad copy.

Enhancements within Google AdWords means that you can also now add a range of ad extensions to your campaigns and also now at ad group level.


Keywords can be found within an Ad Group.

Keywords need to be tightly themed to your ad groups. You should also be careful to avoid having duplicate keywords within ad groups.

In order to stop unwanted impressions or clicks you should use the tools available to identify negative keywords.

For example, an IT support company will need to add negative keywords like -“double glazing”, -“glazing”, -“doors” to avoid their ads showing for people looking for house windows as opposed to Microsoft Windows.