FA Premier League shuts down the Radio Times

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FA Premier League shuts down the Radio Times

FA Premier League shuts down the Radio Times website

I can only assume that there are not only a large amount of unhappy website owners but also marketers whose ads didn’t reach their audience from Monday this week.

The Radio Times website among 100’s of other websites ranging from football clubs to search engine DuckDuckGo who were some of the stricken sites who ‘disappeared’ from the Internet in the UK as the result of an FA Premier League court injunction.

The websites were replaced with a message stating the site was blocked due to copyright infringements.

Will this damage customer perception of these once trusted websites?

The FA Premier League won a court injunction blocking a football streaming site (FirstRow1.eu) which resulted in dozens of websites being replaced with a “Website shutdown due to copyright infringements”.

The problem occurred as the IP address used for the DNS of the First Row website was controlled by the same DNS Made Easy service the affected sites also used. The other affected websites used the same service provider and as the IP of First Row was blocked the other websites were also blocked.