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Squared Online – My Digital World

Posted on Sep 21, 2013 in Blog |

Squared Online – My Digital World As part of the course we were set the task of creating a PowerPoint slide to depict a day in our Digital Life. My submission for the Digital Slice is below, enjoy      ...

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Squared Online – Get Social

Posted on Sep 19, 2013 in Blog |

Squared Online – Get Social The focus of the lesson tonight was to get everyone thinking about how they interact with social media. To reflect on social and how we connect or engage with others in the new digital age. It’s all about the engagement! What platforms we use and what we use them for. Some of the questions raised were, what are the brands using the social platforms for? What do they want? We had TONS of...

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Squared Online – Neil Perkins Presentation The video presentation from Neil Perkins was great! Neil started with an interactive short history of how long some of the tech we use every day and take for granted. I had pen and pad at the ready on noted some of the historic moments in our tech history. 1971 – 1st email was sent using ARPANET, the predecessor of what we know today as the Internet. 1978 – 1st email spam...

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Squared Online – My Digital Life

Posted on Sep 15, 2013 in Blog |

Squared Online – My Digital Life Somewhat relieved that we don’t need our web cam for the Squared Online lessons I waited in anticipation for our 2nd more in-depth lesson. The lesson involved looking at how we used technology in our daily lives. The intention was to get everyone thinking on how we use tech today and how we might use it tomorrow. The lesson outcome was to get everyone thinking about how consumers use tech...

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Background I have worked successfully in the digital marketing industry for a number of years now. All of my knowledge and skills have been self taught with no formal training. I read blogs, articles and use analytics from various sources to try to understand my clients customers and their behaviors. Since August this year I thought it was time to gain some qualifications to prove my skills and worth to my current and perspective...

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