Squared Online – Neil Perkins Presentation

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Squared Online – Neil Perkins Presentation

squared-logo-01The video presentation from Neil Perkins was great!

Neil started with an interactive short history of how long some of the tech we use every day and take for granted. I had pen and pad at the ready on noted some of the historic moments in our tech history.

  1. 1971 – 1st email was sent using ARPANET, the predecessor of what we know today as the Internet.
  2. 1978 – 1st email spam was sent
  3. 1990 – 1st website created
  4. 1993 – 1st search engine created – W3C, then Yahoo in 1995
  5. 1994 – 1st eCommerce site
  6. 1994 – 1st banner ad created
  7. 1995 – 1st eBay sale – a broken laser pointer
  8. 1998 – Google launched
  9. 2002 – 1st social network – Friendster
  10. 2006 – Facebook opened to everyone
  11. 2010 – Instagram launches in October and now has 100 million users

Just looking at the list as I wrote it down was quite amazing. The advances we have made in such a small amount of time. The hardware technology we now have at our fingertips and the amazing possibilities that can be created.

Neil went on to speak about Moore’s law

GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon – The ones to watch for emerging as leaders in shaping the digital tomorrow.