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Smart phone evolution or revolution?

Posted on Sep 7, 2013 in Blog |

Smart phone evolution or revolution? Smart phone technology is evolving at a huge rate leaving the marketing industry still trying to work out how they can best target their clients customers. As this new digital ecosystem evolves who will be the market leader of smart phone manufacturers? We have already seen a huge change from the initial mobile phone technology to the new smart phones. Incredibly the mobile phone has been with us...

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What is Qualified?

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in Blog |

What is Qualified? After working in pay per click advertising for the last 6 years I have taken it for granted that clients don’t ask for my qualifications. I can only assume that this has been due to their lack of knowledge. The more savvy clients now want to see all your degrees, trophies and medals! Now I have met a lot of professionals from the industry over the past few years and I would say almost every single person I...

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